Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Once again it is New Year's Eve. Another year comes to a close and in a few hours a new year will begin. Part of this past week and this evening I have been reading through my daily thoughts for the last year. All in all it has been a good year. The only real sadness was the death of my mother in law and the ongoing concern about the welfare of my father who resides in a nursing home. My family and friends are doing well. I am still employed and except for a minor health issue in early November, I am in good health. I have no complaints about my life and I embrace the future with curiosity.

While all the really wild people are out on the streets tonight ringing in the new year, I am having a quiet evening at home with my wife, my youngest son, and my granddaughter, Chloe. We prepared some special food and in the words of Chloe we're "having a party". I doubt that any of us are still awake at midnight when the famous ball comes down in Times Square.

Happy New Year! Cheers! Welcome to 2009!

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Steve T. said...

Yeah, the older we get, the harder it is to stay awake until midnight on New Year. Oh that's right, you're older than me! hehehehe

Happy New Year!